New Service Connection Application


Schedule of Availability of Service:
Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00pm

WHO MAY AVAIL OF THE SERVICE: New Service Connection Applicants
WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS: Permit Excavation if necessary

Step Applicant / Client Activity Duration of Activity Person in Charge Fees Form
1 Fill out application form and attach all the necessary requirements. Check and verify if the application is completely filled out and all the requirements are attached. Request client to pay to the bill collector. 30 minutes Customer Service Assistant E (Bill Collector)   Service Connection Contract/Service Application & Construction Order Form
2 Pay at the Bill Collector Process payment and issue Official Receipt either cash or loan. 2 minutes Customer Service Assistant E (Bill Collector) 2,500.00  
3 Contract Signing Check if contract is completely sign. Release concessionaires copy of promissory note to SCAP applicants. 2 minutes Customer Service Assistant E   Promissory Note
4 Attend Orientation Seminar Conduct Orientation Seminar regarding WD profile, policies, etc.

  • Regular Schedule every Thursday at 2:00PM
  • For walk in applicants, orientation schedule right after the payment of application fee.
30 minutes General Manager or Designated alternate   Attendance Sheet
5 Submit the Application Form with the Official Receipt to the WMMC. Site inspection for materials estimate including materials preparation. 45 minutes Store Keeper / Water Maintenance Man C (WMMC)   Store Requisition Slip (SRS)
6 Wait for the scheduled time of installation within the day or a day after the application. Installation of the new service connection. 1 hour and 30 minutes Water Maintenance Man C    


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