Complaints on Huge Consumption


Schedule of Availability of Service:
Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00pm

WHO MAY AVAIL OF THE SERVICE: Those BWD concessionaires who have disputed water bill
WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS: Notice of Billing / Statement of Account


Step Applicant / Client Activity Duration of Activity Person in Charge Fees Form
1 Present Statement of Account to the Bill Collector Check, verify and validate water bill based on the records available on the customer’s ledger account. 2 minutes Customer Service Assistant E   Statement of Account
2 Request for re-reading Re-reading of water meter for counter checking.

  • If the reading is ok / consistent, inform concessionaire and return the statement of account.
  • If the reading is not ok / consistent due to erroneous reading of the meter reader water bill is adjusted automatically.
  • If it is due to in-house leaking submit statement of account to the General Manager for adjustment subject for his approval.
30 minutes Customer Service Assistant E    
3 Request for adjustment of billing Water bill is adjusted automatically if error is due to erroneous reading.
If it is due to in-house leaking it will be adjusted “once in a lifetime” only.
For those concessionaires who had already availed of water bill adjustment before can no longer avail of said adjustment for the second time.
2 minutes General Manager   Billing Adjustment Memo (BAM)
4 Pay to the Bill Collector Process payment and issue official receipt. 1 minute Customer Service Assistant E (Bill Collector) Adjusted billing Computerized Loose-leaf Official Receipt


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