The water supply system of Bacolod was constructed during the time of Former Military Mayor Major Marcos Ed Betacura in 1976 originally managed by the local government serving only the southern portion of the Poblacion. The lone source located in the Poblacion was a 60 m. deepwell beside the 115 cu.m. concrete elevated reservoir using the fill and draw by a 15 hp submersible pump coupled to a submersible motor. In 1983, the service area was extended to the northern part of the Poblacion serves about 334 metered service connections until August 4, 1995.

The Bacolod Water District (BWD) was formed under the leadership of Mayor Warlino M. Relova by virtue of PD 198 through SB Resolution No. 225 dated May 23, 1994. On December 6, 1994 the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) subsequently issued the District’s Certificate of Conditional Conformance (CCC) 543 commencing the operation of the district. However, the Local Government continued the management and operation of the water system until August 4, 1995. The original sets of members of the Board of Directors of the Bacolod Water District were the following:

  • Rev. Rodolfo P. Vios
    Professional Sector
  • Mr. Ruperto B. Calongo Sr.
    Civic Sector
    Vice Chairman
  • Mrs. Quezona Naifah S. Sulog
    Education Sector
  • Mrs. Eusebia B. Calibo
    Business Sector
  • Mrs. Agrifina M. Luzon
    Women Sector

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